Timo's 1988 Hatchback 1.6i-16 from Finland, Europe

Frontpage special no. 5 is a very fine looking EDM 1.6i-16 with a factory D16A9 1.6 DOHC engine (~ZC). A lot of work has been put into this car recently including a new paintjob.
Timo has done a great job upgrading the car while maintaining the clean look.
Read all about the new paint job and more Timo has done to its hatch on the

Mod List


1.6l D16A9
Martelius 4-2-1 Header
Martelius Exhaust
Short Ram Cone air filter
Adjustable cam gear (local brand TB)
Short shifter


Stock disks front and rear with EBC redstuffs pads at the front and
EBC Greenstuffs pads at the back


Kosei Racing Seneka wheels with 205/45/16 Radial GT champiro hpz tyres
MAD springs together with BILSTEIN shocks
AKR upper strut bars front and back

Future Mods

I'd like to go turbo. That's the main thing I want to do to the engine right now.
I was going for a basic NA tune setup, however certain things have made me want to go tbo. I have thought about superchargers, however finding all the parts for a d-series dohc and getting them for a good price is a good deal harder than just getting a turbo set for it that just about every place has for sale. And the gains for SC setups that I've seen haven't been anything world shaking, a basic turbo setup is just better hp for money.

I'd like to do the whole buckets and race harness thing, but I'm not sure what I'll end up doing as I need to keep it so that I can revert to stock or near stock for the annual inspection we have over here. Having no rear seat is a problem, but I've heard that having the seat belts back there is enough. Odd as that may seem I will find out shortly.
Also I'm gonna get stock black air vents etc. when I see a good set that I can grab.

There's really nothing I'd change right now. Possibly fix some of the things that didn't turn out as good as I would have liked. Mainly stuff nobody can see, but I know are there.

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