DPFI to MPFI Conversion

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Re: DPFI to MPFI Conversion

Post by Tursaanpoika »

Some questions that have risen: I've a d15b1 on which I plan to do MPFI swap. The intake manifold came from d16a6, along with wire harness and TB and resistor box. I'll also be getting a pm6 ECU. Injectors, dizzy are in the works. What else? Oh, IACV/FITV. Now, it's stated that I cannot use that harness as is - why?

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DPFI to MPFI Conversion

Post by femazeveala »

Cable broke on drivers side so I bought the electric kit from MX5PARTS do any of you know if the standard models MK1 97 Irish car have the wiring already in the door or has anyone notes on converting.

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Re: DPFI to MPFI Conversion

Post by Sandman »

97 would be an UK civic more than likely. Not that much information on those here unfortunately.
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Re: DPFI to MPFI Conversion

Post by Tyrese Ashton »

Yeah, better look online. I think there are YouTube tutorials regarding these things as well.

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