Shortshifter: making one yourself, and installing it

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Shortshifter: making one yourself, and installing it

Post by Sandman »

Here's a simple DIY for a very simple mod(we need some to get started, huh? :D).

Shortshifter: making one yourself, and installing it

Removing and installing

Basicly it's not that different from the stock one. Getting one for fairly cheap is easy, but making one yourself isn't hard if you got the right tools(I bought one, didn't make one).

You need to start by taking your gearknob and center console off(the upper radio part as well, if you got one that wraps on top of the lower part). Then, remove the rubber boots from the bottom of the lever.

Now you need to go under the car. You'll see the rod coming from the transmission to the bottom of the shifter. Remove the bolt holding the shift lever on the rod that connects it to the transmission. Then, remove the two bolts holding the whole thing on the bottom of the car(there is a rubber/metal piece at the very end of the assembly with two bolts, 10mm if I recall). once that is off, pry the rubber/metal piece off the car and the lever will fall.

Next, remove the two bolts holding the two rods together. After that you merely need to take the shifter off the rod. The rubber boot in the bottom of the shifter may be in need of replacement since it's probably as old as the car is. Remember to save the small rubber pieces that were in between the bottom joint, you might need them if the new shifter isn't an exact match.

Assembly in reverse order. Bought one or made it yourself, it makes no difference ofc. You made it this far, I'm sure you can put it together. :D

Making one yourself

If you decide to make on yourself, you just need to cut the sifter in half from between the bottom joint and the ball, then just add some material in between to make the bottom end longer. The shift motion will be longer since the leverage is longer, and thus making the shift itself shorter.
Just be aware that if you add too much, the shifter will hit the exhaust and that isn't what you want to accomplish.

Basicly you need a welding machine for this, for the rest, you won't need anything out of the ordinary. As I said, making one is easy, but buying one isn't gonna ruin you. Your choise what you do.

A small and simple task that can make a huge difference. I for one have been happy with the change over the stock shifter that was already a touch vague.
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