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1. Before you post a question, please use the SEARCH option.

2. Ignorant/rude/unnecessary comments are not allowed, and will result in banning and logged IPs. NO FLAMING.  If someone asks a question and it is common knowledge to a regular, just answer the question politely. Keep the negative remarks to yourself.

3. If you have a question or comment directed towards a specific member, use the PM function. Call outs or flame threads will be deleted.  Threads that get out of hand will also be locked, pruned, or deleted.

4. Please do NOT post mis-leading thread titles. Some users browse from work.  Also, search engines pick up the thread titles and accurate titles can attract new users.

5. Post whoring is not allowed. Post whoring is giving a one word answer, posting only "x2", or random side comments unrelated to the topic. Give an informative answer or don't give one at all. The number of posts you have is not to determine superiority or knowledge.

6. Advertising/Spam: NO advertisng will be tolerated unless approved by Bracer. To pursue advertising on the forum please contact bracer at  Absolutely no spam!

That's about it, it's not too much to ask.  :)
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