Dropping out of overdrive when temp goes too low

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Dropping out of overdrive when temp goes too low

Post by KawBoy »

Hi folks. Newbie with an 89 DX with the 4 spd automatic.
Relatively low miles (98K) and runs great.

Only one annoying trait is that the 4 speed automatic drops out of overdrive
at any speed when the temperature Gage goes down to the bottom mark.

In my geography a low temperature (when going down long shallow downhills)
is fairly common in this car but it then takes several miles to warm the engine
back up again enough for the overdrive to kick in again.

I don''t know if there is some sort of temperature interlock with the transmission
but I'd love to know how to bypass it ? My gas mileage would improve a bit
as it drops out a few times during my long commute.

Thanks !

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