swap info??? (...yes I searched)

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swap info??? (...yes I searched)

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Hey everyone I'm Ryan I own a d15b2 fully stock rex.
With that being said... out with the old and in with the new so it's swap time. I doing a f23a swap I pretty much know what I'm doing for the most part as this isn't my first honda and or swap. But I have come across few issues i have needed to research on. Iv always been a obd1 guy and I have mainly stuck in my preamters until now.
So I need to modify my current wiring harness by extending wires for sensors, add v-atack and v-pressure blah blah blah...
p28 ecu with f23 base
So now I get weeebit confused on the conversion side...
I need obd1 dizzy, injectors, h/f series alt??...correct?...anything else????

Now on to fitment wise...
I have hasport motor mounts (straight H NOT H2B) and alt relocation bracket.
I also have lude shift linkage and shifter
Single row crank pulley
da teggy front knuckle assembly??
cb7 half shaft?? I'm also very unsure on what axles I need to run that won't get into a bind without having to drop good money on hasport axles.
Then my biggest issue! I really dont want to buy a traction bar if I dont truly truly have to. SO how do I go about...or I should ask where do I need to go about notching the cross member so I have clearance??

If I have missed anything or need to be corrected on something please do so. I dont claim to know it all thats why I'm here asking for some help. I'm not a compleate moron and this isnt my first walk in the park. So keep that in mind and help you boy out! I did do some research but all you guys have for h/f series is ESP's website that I'm very familiar with. So that didnt really help me out much. Thanx in advance

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