91 civic 1.3L engine overhaul kit, whats required?

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91 civic 1.3L engine overhaul kit, whats required?

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Hi guys,

It's hard to find any information on what I need for my 91' civic because it has the 1.3L engine in it, and there seems to be limited info so I'm here asking for a little guidance

A few months ago, the engine suffered a catastrophic piston failure, and my mechanic told me it wasn't actually that bad because the connecting rod broke off and didn't end up doing a lot of damage

So I'm getting the engine rebuilt so I can sell it in good shape, and wanted to price out some things online vs. what he is quoting me locally (Costa Rica).

Would an engnie rebuild kit look something like this? (probably not the best translation):

Connecting rod bearing,
Bench bering? (is that a thing)
Rings (probably orings)
Carborador seal set
Hi tack (some sealant spray)
grey silicone

Is there somewhere online that sells everything as a complete kit? Or anywhere someone can recommend to find the parts I would need? And is there any other parts I should consider getting? I'm not looking to make it 'better', i just want it to run properly and safe for the next owner.


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