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macys 91 dx build thread

Posted: Thu Jan 29, 2015 8:28 am
by Macys913d
I was gifted a 91 dx from a friend. I have no experience in this department, so I take advice from friends etc. My goals:
paint the car original color "red" engine bay white "took a page from smokey yunick's book"
put in acura seats "they came with the car, and are leather"
body work must be done before paint "probably should have listed it before paint"
body work includes a clean front bumper, one that doesn't stick out like the stock one does, but basically drops right off after the hood to give a rounder cleaner look "in my opinion anyway" no crazy wings, stock, back bumper, basically same as the fron't nothing crazy, just clean with no belt line, also to make the beltline go away, I have already removed the plastic belt line cover, of which, the clips were mostly broken anyway
suspension, not sure yet, want some nice coilovers with nice ride quality, comfortable, but lowered to look flush with some konig 13" wheels "also came with the car"
wheels are good so far, tires good also, need to do a complete suspension on this, tie rods, bushings, ball joints, the car is basically a rolling shell, and I don't think i'll do anything with the interior at this point.
audio, well, i'll figure that out when the time comes.
the engine is a d16b vtec with trans, I know, that I'll need a clutch and flywheel, as well as linkage bar, shifter, and all mounts.
I'll also need a complete car wiring harness, as the one in the car is hacked pretty bad, as well as the engine harness "not my words, but a friends"
I'll also need a computer"not my words again"
the windshield has a huge crack in it and will also need to be replaced, but other than that everything is ready to go
the body is pretty straight, and I started sanding the spray black paint and getting to the red beneath, almost the entire drivers side is done. since body work comes first I'll start here, the idiots before me gouged the metal with a flap wheel or something, it doesn't appear damaged, so I think i'll just use a light filler, like a featherfill to cover it, then sand to smooth. Not sure how to cover the void left by removing the beltline covers on the sides any advice?
I'll post some pics when I have posted sufficiently to be able to. the car is straight and has little if any rust.