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Dizzy + other misc

Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 2:28 pm
by siR in progress
i have 7 DX distributors sitting on the shelf,theyre of no use to me i can throw some extra shit in for some extra cash (all are tested good,ill send pics of the resistance through both sensors)
$50 or best offer

Add rotor - $10
Add cap - $40
Add Wires - $85 (NGK)
Add plugs - $30 for bosch platinum
$60 for NGK iridum

90-91 marker lights -best offer

DX head D15B2- Best offer (all the valves are good,needs some studs on intake and exhaust side car had about 180 000 kms on it,alwayschanged timing belt and oil at proper interval)

B series exhaust mani cover,sandblasted and painted-best offer
B series timing belt cover-best offer

ill look around for more shit,oh and i have tonss of trucfk stuff,just ask.