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fs: crx in FL

Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2003 8:07 am
by 89hbd16y7
i have a 88 crx(not si) ,manual, that i have to sell by the end of this week.has 181k on it and it shows. it would be a ggod starting point for a race car or w/ some TLC a daily driver.DETAILS-needs dr sd head&tail light,hood,clutch(it works but the car would run alot harder if it had a new that didnt slip),windshield, and brakes(it stops but the pedal touches the floor).has ps and a/c sys.(doesnt work, told it needs recharging).other than what i listed it runs and drives good. it pulls on my 89 hb(i guess cuz its lighter).make me an offer. will have pics by