list of parts for sale all prices are firm, some non ef parts sorry

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list of parts for sale all prices are firm, some non ef parts sorry

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1. built gsr head(pme for details)all -$595 all titanium valve train rebuilt head to toe.(stock heads cost this much) this is fully rebuilt n more.

2.hydro gsr transmission-$480(2000 year) minty fresh

3.brand new b16 dizzy-obd2 and obd1-$125

4.x2 exedy stage 2 clutch with 4 puck disk)mint-$140

5.fidenza 8lb flyhweel-$135

6.complete turbo shortblock-pme for details -gsr( 20.over forged weisco pistons,eagle rods,honda full bearing set,block guard(needs to be pulled out broke it trying to pull out.(motor is squeaky clean) (low miles bout 5k---$850cheap as f*ck shortblock squeaky clean 50k on it-$230

8.aem gears-$125

9.brand new never installed skunk 2 gears $185

10.brand new fpr b.m never installed.-$55

11.gsr head rebuilt missing lifter n rocker rods-$225 cash

12.victor x manifold polished-$180(gsr)

13. 4-1 bm headers-1 piece-$120

14.full turbo 3inch exhaust-sold

15.70 trim turbo charger (clean as f*ck garret)-$240

16.40mm tial wastegate-$125

17.muzek turbo cast mani-$250

18.real hks new bov-$120

19.jdm intercooler smaller fmic brand new-$125 piping with universal piece most couplers n clamps.-$125


22. precision 1000cc injectors-$170

23.aem fuel rail -95

24.3bar map sensor with plug converted into gsr harness with extended injector plugs for victor x mani-all of this-$130obo

25.b16,gsr-arp head studs brand new-$70

26.b series eagle rods-$220- practically brand new

27.weisco 20.over pistons-$300-basically brand new

28,minty fresh gsr crank-polished n edged-$150 gsr block-$bored 20 over.-$250 bare with girdle n caps baiscally itr oil pump-$50

31. 3ich down pipe vband-$145(flange n clamp) clamp kit alone is 100 bucks

32. 2.5 down pipe with o2-$125(no flang)

33. ls dizzy rebuilt-$75 obd1(no warrenty as is)

34.gsr da front knuckles-pair-$110

35.b18a1 bare block-$120 pistons clean n rods-$120

37.y8 block -$75

38.p30 ecu-$95

39. brand new radiator support-$125 eg coupe or hatch
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Re: list of parts for sale all prices are firm, some non ef part

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Where in FL are you located? I'm down here too.

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