1989 Honda Civic Sedan

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1989 Honda Civic Sedan

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Hello, Forum

I recently blew the head gasket on my car and now I haven't been able to drive it around for over a month. I have hit a financial low in my life and I don't think I would be able to do this without my sister Daisy and brother in law Bobby, and younger brother Daniel who are helping me(in more ways that I could explain) trouble shoot my car and are trying to help me back on the road again. Unfortunately there are some serious limits to what I can do everyday. Money and time seam to be the biggest issue because I don't know what I'm doing or how to fix it exactly or even how to precisely figure out what the main issues are.

Daniel Bobby and I have replaced the head gasket, cylinder head, adjusted the timing belt, calibrated the valve lashings, ordered a new cylinder head, got it running and on the road only to have it smoke like crazy. It has a cracked exhaust, burning up oil, and has pressure coming out of the oil cap when it is removed. I have a very limited budget and I need to get it to stop smoking and burning up oil. Is there anyone out there who can help guide me through this process?

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Re: 1989 Honda Civic Sedan

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Hey there.

While I can't tell you where to buy parts. I would start by giving the head an overhaul while it's off. Take it to a machine shop. Have them level it so that it's straight when it goes back on. Some valve stem seals and other little gaskets you can get your hands on. It'll be a few dollars but not at all bank busting expensive. And well worth the trouble. New head bolts and a new gasket and you should be golden. Provided the oil is leaking in from the head and not the bottom end.
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